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    Decentralized Payments
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About Us

Gitpay decentralized payments

Easy setup

Get your project economy started. Employ smart contracts for bug bounties.

Inter project trading

Pay bounties to contributors for new features.

Social Linked Data

Gitpay follows the SoLiD specification for the next generation of web apps


Decentralized , modularity, consistent with web axioms

Free Software

Gitpay is 100% free software, which puts decentralization and extensiblity first.

Social Communication

Social communication is at the heart of gitpay, you control your connections, using web standards

Friends List

Import your friends and social data from other apps.

Own Your Data

Gitpay is based on personal data stores allowing everyone to own their own data.

A Web of Apps

Integrate with all your tasks and other apps.

Hyper Local

Gitpay integrates local data into payments.

Media Aware

Able to integrate with all your media needs.

Intuitive Statistics

Rich stats helps your project do better.

Chart your success

Chart how your project gets better.

And Much More!

Help us build a better web!


Source code available on github under gitpay!



Gitbook Documentation